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Forensic Video Clarification

Bryan Neumeister has been working with video professionally for over 37 years.

Neumeister is a 39-time Emmy Award winner along with over 70+ national and international awards. His practice is full-time Forensic Video and Audio work.

​Forensic surveillance authentication relies on clarifying and validating evidence using the very best tools with the proper qualifications and experience. Being able to think quick and adapt even faster is mandatory with live acquisition situations. Understanding the machines, formats and codecs is critical.

​Extracting the raw data with DME Forensics from Surveillance Systems is key to getting the best available footage for clarification along with metadata and log files.

​iNPUT-ACE and many other programs, over 400 video and forensic plug-ins, are used to best clarify video. USAForensic, llc. is often called upon to clarify video when other labs or Agencies do not have the equipment or experience to extract the best available video.

​Neumeister has worked in 23 countries and is familiar with all types of codecs and formats. Decrypting Formats is often called for. Using the fastest liquid-cooled computers, decryption time is kept to a minimum.

​Authenticating & clarifying  photographs has been embedded into Neumeister's career - from film to all digital formats.

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