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Computer & IT Forensics

Computer Forensic Inspections are often done with "push button programs" such as EnCase or FTK.  These programs make it easier for people who actually have no computer engineering background to be perceived as experts.   Sure, we have the latest versions of EnCase v8 etc, on state of the art hardware ,  but that's just a starting point.

Many of today's "experts" can’t even write the most basic computer codes, let alone write script or program in PowerShell, Batch, C++, Exchange Management Shell, VBScript, VBA, Excel, SQL, PERL, Java, etc.

​In-depth computer analysis often takes the skills of someone who has been writing and programming for 15+ years.  Matt Erickson comes to us after a long search of programmers who truly understand the complexities and ramifications of today's cases.

Matt Erickson is fluid in all forms of IT.  From very large corporate arrays to the smallest pi systems and everything in between.

It’s not just "what" is on a hard drive…but how it got there which makes the difference.  Those are just two of Matt’s goals every time he takes on each new challenge.

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