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Forensic Cell Phone Extraction & Cell Tower CDR analysis.
We have had Cell Tower junk science limited in Federal court to only: "An East Coast or West Coast connection" - as it is not a scientifically peer reviewed practice & not an actual Science by definition.


Each device is run through Cellebrite, Oxygen, APEX and SecureView as no one program gets it all.

Extracting Cell phone data and Deleted Data using more than one forensic program is standard practice at USAForensic, llc.

No one program can usually get all available data. Using a combination of Oxygen Analyst, SecureView, APEX & Cellebrite often gets more complete results of retrieving, deleted text messages, photos, videos, APP data, location, metadata and deleted data of all kinds.

"Push Button Forensic Programs"  are a great starting point, but they don't always get all the data and often code has to be broken down that is beyond the means of these programs. 

Malware, now even on iPhones, needs to be isolated & analyzed as to how it may impact files on phones. This is done by creating a separate virtual operating system and deconstructing the file.

​Cell phone data is becoming more commonplace in court these days and proper retrieval, chain of custody, Faraday storage of phones is critical.


Social-Discovery is available for Web and Social media analysis. Do you have dozens of phones with data you need to compare both visually and factually to a Jury?  No problem, we have the Experience & Technology.

Decryption of phones with PassWare Professional or bypassing locked phones with SV strike is done at as fast as possible using large liquid-cooled mainframes.  

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