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Forensic Audio Clarification & Voice Analysis

Bryan Neumeister has worked on over 20,000 voice tracks in the past 37 years. Bryan has established Daubert standard in federal & state courts in voice identification and has testified many times regarding clarified audio, audio analysis and voice comparison.

​Bryan is a go-to for both defense attorneys & law enforcement agencies due to his expertise in the art of audio.

Bryan has won gold at the Cannes Film festival and Calgary Film Festival for audio and has numerous Emmy Awards from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for sound work.

​His lab is state-of-the-art with the latest in computing power.  These 7’ by 4’ liquid-cooled computers help render jobs efficiently by utilizing hundreds of audio forensic plug-ins running on: Pro Tools, iZotope RX Advanced, Sony Spectral & Sound Forge Professional.

Bryan is also a beta tester for various forensic software companies and has been since the mid-1990’s.

His amazing career started with a different sort of audio, writing music with bands such as Blue Oyster Cult & writing many sound tracks for award winning commercials, documentaries and television episodes.

​Neumeister is a published author, and lectures for groups such as the Audio Engineering Society of America and various Federal & ABA technical seminars.

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